Nigel Farage and Arron Banks Part Two

Ok, this is a companion piece to the previous post. I split them up as they are extremely detailed and want you to be able to absorb the information. If you would prefer an audio version of these blogs check out my website. Anyway lets crack on with the background to Arron Banks and Leave.EU Aaron Banks and Leave.EU Arron Banks was the founder and main financier for Leave.EU, the campaign led by Nigel Farage. Born in Durban South Africa but educated at Crookham Court in the UK. His father worked in the sugar industry and at the end of each term at boarding school he would be transported to a new destination, wherever his father’s business took them. Banks described this as being like an army brat. In 1989, some years after Banks left Crookham Court, a BBC documentary exposed the owner of the school, Philip Cadman, as a paedophile,...

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Nigel Farage and Arron Banks Part One

Hey there pick poppers, ready for another exciting instalment? Well strap yourself in because this is a long one and in all likelihood it will really annoy quite a lot of people. But, in all honesty, I think this may be one of the most important and elucidating episodes. Today we are going to go back to the beginning and fill in some of the gaps. Oh no come on man, this is going to be rubbish, like when they do a clip show isn’t it? No, honestly this is all new stuff, just with the perspective of hindsight. This chapter will be mostly focussing on the face of Brexit, that odious slug Nigel Farage, and his pals in Leave.EU, Andy Wigmore and Arron Banks. Well colour me surprised if there aren’t explicit connections to the propaganda network and USA think tanks that I have been jabbering on about for all...

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The Atlas Network and Venezuela

Imagine if top members of the USA government were somehow intertwined with think tanks, connected to powerful business interests that utilise organisations, foundations and apparent grassroots movements to direct policy, not only in their own country but across the globe. Usually, in this hypothetical scenario, this is done to ferment regime change or at the very least to alter decision making in the favour of corporate interests and against the people of said country. What a terrible world that would be. What if it was directly connected to recent elections and forthcoming interventions in foreign countries?  Well read on. We need to start with a bit of background for the Atlas Network, one of the main collections of think tanks currently whittling away at South America to mould it into something more pleasing to their interests. How the Atlas Group was formed The Atlas Network was actually founded by an English...

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The guys behind the guys behind the guys:

   Ok we are starting to get towards the centre of this rather putrid, political and industrialist onion. This is where the real power starts to be seen. These are the guys behind the guys, behind the guys. That is a film reference, as some of you may have noticed, it is a quote from Swingers – a great film that I particularly enjoy and has nothing to do with the Human Centipede – a rubbish film, as some have incorrectly assumed.To some this might get a little tedious, names of extremely wealthy people and think tanks – "Come on man, where are the bloody lizard people?" - I hear you, don't panic. However, these are the people that install leaders and influence policy all over the world. If you believe in the concept of hidden hands pulling strings behind the scenes – then these are who those hands belong to...

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Israel and Hungary – part three and a half

WARNING: THIS POST IS PROBABLY GOING TO BE CONTROVERSIALTherefore I have decided to use a series of trigger warnings:  ​(This is a shame really because it is all true. It's just some stuff that I have found, it may jibe with some people's current beliefs but to me it's just another piece of a rather complex puzzle. I find these things and see if they are connected.)Now this really should be in part three of the blog series but unfortunately I didn't discover this until recently and my time machine is knackered. It's not totally broken but it can only go forward in time and only at a rate of a second per second – so it's as good as useless.    ​Did you know that the delightful and universally loved Benjamin Nethanyahu is good friends with Viktor Orbán, the ruler/dictator of Hungary? Well apparently they are.Back in 2008 when Viktor...

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Hungary and Israel

Hungary and Israel Hello again Wouldn’t it be weird if the same people who engineered the Brexit vote and got Trump elected also happened to be behind the election of far right leaders across Europe like Hungary’s Viktor Orban? Wouldn’t it also be strange if Israel was creating far right militia’s in Europe and helping get far right parties elected into power? Wouldn’t it also be strange if this was facilitated by an American media company with ties to the elites and the government? Well we live in strange times…. The recent resurgence of the far right across Europe and the proliferation of far right propaganda via the alternative media is promoted as an organic happening, an uprising of the disgruntled and disenfranchised, a reaction to an unfair society, loss of identity and imposing of ridiculous political correctness. We have seen in the previous two blog posts that the media darlings...

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In this exciting episode… Ok so today we are looking at the Think Tank which gives Trump his marching orders. This is the Think Tank that drives the ideology behind the actions that we are seeing today and, rather depressingly and obviously, they do not have our best interests at heart. From the last exciting episode… So far this blog series has exposed the use of a mind control programme called Cambridge Analytica – developed by SCL- that is used to direct the results of elections across the globe by stealing social media data and utilising it to create personalised advertising campaigns to make you angry. This program is considered a weapon of the British Government and is under export control. The board of this company has direct connections to the establishment, the elites of the UK and the USA and the intelligence agencies. The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad also has...

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Cambridge Analytica in Italy

Cambridge Analytica in Italy – Et tu Matteo? One of the most prominent emerging figures in this swathe of rising populism is Matteo Salvini of Italy. Sure he looks like your Dad's sleazy mate, of dubious competing odours, who cheats on his wife with a loud, obnoxious, blonde woman who he meets at the local motorway service station for sweaty trysts every other weekend, but don't hold that against him. There are plenty of perfectly legitimate reasons to think this greasy grifter is a bit shifty.  So it transpires that our old friends Cambridge Analytica/SCL were poking around in Italian politics too, stealing data and sharing and using it to manipulate people's fears and ultimately voting habits. Facebook's chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer announced that "87 million users may be affected, including 214,134 in Italy." "In total, we believe the Facebook information of up to 87 million people - mostly in...

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Cambridge Analytica

Hello everyone. So, I have decided to start writing a blog and here is the first one. A blog gives a chance to put down far more detail than can be contained in a Facebook post and also allows for people to share it easily to people who may shun social media. Please have a look, share and feel free to contact me with suggestions for future topics. The first blog is about Cambridge Analytica and the attempted campaign to flood alternative media with right wing viewpoints and far right personalities in order to normalise these concepts and have them gain acceptance. Ultimately this is for the benefit of certain elites, as I have attempted to show, but is being cunningly presented as a populist uprising. In this investigation I have discovered that the majority of these new right leaning media figures are actually sponsored by elite figures within the political...

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Cambridge Analytica, JTRIG and other internet manipulation campaigns:

Ok here is post number four. I am very aware that these are pretty long but the subject is complicated and needs to be backed up with evidence. Also I have a touch of the theatrics about me and therefore, like in a film or play, the main revelations and things that tie it all together are near the end (sorry).This is also true of my Richplanet shows – if you only watched part one you missed all the good stuff (sorry again).Also this is kind of the point. It is through oversimplification of messages that people are able to manipulate one another – people want easy answers not complex ones. The majority of hate rhetoric relies on people not bothering to read the books that are being slagged off or to examine counter arguments to the positions offered. It is by utilising this laziness that falsehoods are allowed to take...

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The Koch Brothers and The Atlas Network

  The Atlas NetworkHi there pop pickers hope you are all well. So what have we got today then? Well, I have been looking at this thing called the Atlas Network. Essentially it is a set of different think tanks that have been set up over South America in order to instigate dissent, start grassroots protests against governments (but only certain types) and push policy change that ultimately favours big business and rolls back taxes for the wealthy, workers rights, safety provisions and environmental checks. By sheer coincidence it is currently mainly donated to by those charming fellows the Koch brothers.Look, I know these posts are long but please do take the time to read them (do it at work – hell yeah! Stick it to the man – get paid for subverting the system – come on that's punk as all heck!)That's kind of the point. People want easy answers...

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The Kochs

Have a Koch and a smile. So who are the Koch brothers and what in the wide, wide world of sports do they have to do with this Cambridge Analytica stuff you have been harping on about? Well dear reader, I shall explain. Firstly, despite the fact that it would be a pretty fitting name Koch is not actually pronounced like cock. Sadly life is not a hilarious mash-up of Viz magazine and Charles Dickens. Villains are rarely called Mr Bastard. Rather their name is pronounced coke, like the sweet, delicious, sugary, zesty, life affirming product popular in America and the rest of the world. There is also a drink that shares the same name and is also made in South America but is hugely profitable for the USA. I could have used that for the analogy but I have principles and couldn’t bring myself to be seen to be advocating...

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